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Meet the Masterpiece Painter Known as Anne Day.


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Professional and lifetime-career painter. Specializing in portraits that are done in either watercolor or oil color. My primary objective with my craft is to paint photo-realistically but with a nuance that compliments the art of painting on canvas. I specialize in portraits of adults, babies, children, animals and pets. Take a look at some of the examples I have showcased on this site and my biography.

I am proficient as well in landscapes, seascapes, celebrities, presidents and and sports figures. My capabilities go on to include replications of masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa.

In my younger adult years I regularly gave art lesson in my hometown of Newburgh, New York and later I had become president of the Clearwater Artists League.

The photo-realistic aspect of my paintings is what grabs most people. Some find it hard to distinguish the difference between the original photo and the painting I finish of it.

Retired now and residing in Florida, I still continue to paint professionally and as a hobby too. Painting has been the crux of my career most of my life and retirement is just a word, means nothing to me about my desire and motivation to continue to paint beautiful and photo-realistic portraits for appreciators of fine and original art at its best. 

See some examples of my works here.


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