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Whether it's animals, landscapes or people, Anne Day strives to produce photo-realistically. Fill out the information request form below and submit your order.

Key Benefits

Affordable and flexible price quoting. Call or E-mail for pricing details based on your order.
Open line of communications with you the client during and after the project to ensure your absolute satisfaction.
Your masterpiece portrait displayed here on my site if you wish.
Sizes range from 16"x20," larger renditions available if desired.


Portraits: $150.00 base price, additional if two people or more in the portrait is desired
Pets & animals: $50.00 to $75.00, additional pertaining to the quality and/or outcome of the finished painting
Nature, Landscapes & Seascapes: $50.00 to $150.00 base price, larger landscape and nature renderings up to $300.00, flexible by orderer and myself
Masterpiece Renditions: $200.00 base price, additional for much larger renditions.




Information Request Form

Send information pertaining to your order, and then let us know how to contact you. If for some reason this order form doesn't go through properly please submit your order in a standard E-mail to Anne via adaytheartist@yahoo.com




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