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Anne Day the Immortalizer 

Born in Newburgh, New York in 1939 Anne Day was born an artist. When a toddler Anne immediately began drawing as soon as someone handed her pencil and paper. I was undeniably apparent and inevitable that Anne was blessed with  an inborn talent that not everybody is so fortunate to be blessed with. Anne continued honing her drawing skills on into her young adult years and in 1959 Anne received her first paycheck for $59.00, most of which she wisely parlayed into the artist's appropriate equipment of canvases, brushes and oil paints.

Anne took art classes in high school then enrolled in the "Famous Artist's School" and followed that course up with lessons from a John Gould in New Windsor, N.Y. John Gould is famous for his works found on Post Magazine covers.

But when it came to painting with watercolor, Anne parlayed her skills and learned techniques from her previous teachings of oil painting into learning watercolor painting- on her own and the results are astounding.

Letter from Senator Kennedy In 1966 and still  under her maiden name, Anne Doody,  Anne presented to  Senator Robert Kennedy a portrait painting of his brother John F. Kennedy  and the Senator responded with a letter of thank you as a token of his appreciation of her work. Down through time any snapshots or photos Anne has of the painting she presented to Senator Kennedy had been lost or stolen. The Kennedy family is the proud possessor of Anne's portrait painting of John. Click the picture above this paragraph to see the letter he responded with.

Later in her painting career Anne taught regular painting lessons to as many as twenty students at a time in her class. By the time Anne had relocated to Clearwater, Florida in 1975 she had produced over 300 drawings and paintings, many of which had been stolen and hidden by her ex-husband. If anyone reading this biography should happen to discover any of those stolen paintings signed by Anne Day  or Anne E. Doody please do not hesitate to contact your local authorities and submit a report and they will handle matters from there.

Retired now, Anne still continues her love of painting and satisfying many new clients who request portraits of either theirselves or family, pets or landscapes and all the while Anne strives to keep the pricing of her works fair.




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